Site Prices

All hosting packs are individually priced to suit the individual’s needs.
Some need email only, some need a one (1) page site, some need a online store while others want the lot.


As a guide hosting pricing starts from $15 per month and increases up to $40 per month.
All hosting is prepaid 12 months in advance.

All sites can be hosting only and you can use your own designer to build your website and upload to the files area.
Of course we can assist with any of this if needed.

Packages vary depending on several features;
•Size – Space to store your files.
•Usage – Bandwidth to and from your site.
This includes all through traffic such as email and ftp.
•Support – Most have free limited support.
Beyond initial setup, other services are per MitH hourly pricing.


Backup is done monthly. Most sites dont change daily or weekly.
We encourage you to backup yourself if you feel important things need to be kept elsewhere.
We can assist if needed.


Remember a Website domain name is needed for all websites
See here for purchasing your Domain name.